Amanda Breeden

Amanda Breeden, CRA, oversees clinical research in the healthcare setting in the Denver, Colorado metro area. She utilizes a lean management system in the oversight and compliance of a $400M portfolio of active grants and contracts. She is considered fully functional in lean management systems and serves as Board Chair for the Colorado Lean Network. As a professional research administrator for roughly 20 years, she is an active member of many research administration networks, societies, and associations where she presents on the intersection of Lean and Research Administration in clinical research and clinical trial management. She is a Certifed Research Administrator (RACC). Amanda received dual M.A. degrees from the University of Northern Iowa in Human Service Administration and Women’s/Gender studies. When she's not proselytizing the benefits of lean in the research administration sector, she can be found humming, “What do you do with a B.A. in English?” or stepping on the wayward Lego.

She is the mother to three high-energy boys who bring laughter and terror to her life daily. Parenthood is wild.