Five Reasons to Deploy Lean in Research Administration

Here are five reasons to deploy Lean in your research admin shop:

1. Satisfied customers
2. Engaged staff
3. Scientific based methodology
4. Continuous improvement
5. Faster scientific discoveries

Bare with me leaders, but how much might we be contributing to administrative burden by NOT examining our processes?

If you are considering your processes from your customers' perspectives (PIs and study teams, not just sponsors and auditors) you are well on your way to customer centered approach.

Respect for people. People matter. This is one of the pillars of Lean and why I love it so. Let me shout it louder for the people in the back: RESPECT YOUR RESEARCH ADMINISTRATORS. One way to do this is to improve their daily work. 

We're all here for the science, so why not utilize a methodology premised on the same thing? 

Rinse and repeat. The pursuit of process perfection is multiple iterations of improvement.
Efficient research administration is a win for researchers.