Holy Plaque! Amanda Breeden Receives Award for Operational Excellence

Recently, I attended, presented, and chaired the Operational Excellence panel at the 6th European Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management. More info on the IEOM Society here.  As an added surprise, I also received an award for Operational Excellence. I can honestly say I've never seen a plaque with so many words on it!

You would think this was a conference for Professionals Recovering from degrees in English. Spoiler alert: my undergraduate degree is in English!

I jest, but I'm super grateful to the IEOM Society and Pedro Monteiro, the brains behind The Lean Mag, for facilitating the connection to the Portuguese lean community. What they say is true: the Portuguese are the nicest people on this planet!

Pictured here: IEOM organizers and host representatives. I promise I'm not crying. This image is totally the "best of the worst".

I had the best panel presenters, who were kind and patient with me. Having never chaired a panel before I clearly had NO IDEA what I was doing. Shout out to these superstars! These folks are super active on LinkedIn, so give them a follow (L to R): Eduardo Sousa, me, David Harry, Dr. Tony Prensa, and Luis Gonçalves. Not pictured: Ricardo Ferreira de Mascarenhas.