Why Research Admins are the perfectly suited to be lean practitioners

Feb 28, 2022 by Amanda Breeden
Research Admins are the perfectly suited to be lean practitioners. I'm not just saying that because I am one. It's true! Here's why.


One common mistake new lean practitioners make is to focus on cost reduction or time, but without consideration to balancing satisfaction and quality. Balance is important. Racall the value diamond post.

Short term wins like increased satisfaction (in the PI customer base) feel fantastic at first...


But they must also result in long term wins or they will cost you $$ (money / fines), sponsor (dis)satisfaction and trust in the long run, if not balanced.

Research admins are accustomed to regulatory as well as operational, because: audits.

In my experience, RAs tend to focus on the sponsor as the primary customer for regulatory and compliance concerns, but what about PIs and study teams?How have you balanced the quality and compliance with internal customer desires?